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Hi Everyone, we are open for Behind the scenes Tours now, with limited numbers, Please book first 54387719.

We have a few shows booked in. So if you want to join in just call.

We have a group booking for a show on the 12th Dec, after this our changes will start.

Our Sanctuary is getting an upgrade

Anytime Bird Show:

first is we have gone to great expense to get a professional videographer to take the full show.

Our Auditorium will become cinema style. Reason:- up til now if you wanted to see the birds perform, you had to gather a group of 10 people or more. OR join an existing booking. From around 16th (to be confirmed) Anyone and everyone can come in and see the show, as many times they like.

Behind the TV there will be a "Hall of Fame" made up of all the props used in the show that you will be able to view.


Sanctuary Guides:

Add to this we are setting up Walk About Audio Guides/or printed guide and you can make your own way around our feathered residents homes. 


Larger free flight area:

The Freedom Flight area is being extended and you will be able to feed and enjoy the cheeky company of the birds landing on you for their treats. 


Down at the Verandahs Caffe  we will offer Devonshire Cream teas/coffee with fresh scones Jam and Cream, and cold drinks purchased at the reception.

We will still require everyone to book to come in so we can have the correct number of staff on hand to to be available.



As we receive no financial help from the government, we do our best to fund the care, food and vet costs by Boarding birds for folks who are going on holiday.

Put on Shows for groups, and families, these prove and display the intelligence of the parrots, these shows offer the parrots a challenge, play and reward, and it clearly a fun time for them.

We also provide Grooming, like wing and toenail clipping. And Advise-if needed.

We offer visitors a Behind the Scenes Tour that gives the opportunity for up close contact with the friendly and funny birds, treats to feed, and heaps of photo opportunities.

We Breed a very select group of species that we believe make the very best Long term pets.

We also re-home surrendered birds, where possible, to suitable long term homes.

Finally we provide a host situation for Veterinary, and vet nurse, students to gain valuable on the spot avian placement experience.

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