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Remember the baby you are buying is no different from a 2 year old child and really needs to be treated in much the same way. In the wild, Mum and Dad would do everything necessary to teach their young to survive and thrive.



When taking on a new baby you are taking over for the parents!
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It is breeding season and most of our couples are either  getting their nests ready or sitting on eggs. We have two pink babies sexless at this point.Watch this space for updates.

To order a companion

email   dails1@bigpond.com



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We have Eclectus parrots for sale all of them hand raised by Dail. They're all at different stages at the moment, so you'll have to call in to see who you want to take home with you. 


Eclectus roratus polychloros (Papua New Guinea)

In Queensland a license is required for Eclectus parrots AND you must have an international amendment  to own an Eclectus. 

There are two ways you can acquire one - snail mail to EPA Qld or online 


You will recieve the five year licence but you must have an international amendment for the Eclectus.  

 * A licence is approx. $90 (subject to regular changes)

Jewls, Kumar

and Jewelies girl

Baby girls

Lucky,Bath time!

It was a BAD dog!

Jema and Lilly, Jemillas girls have a new home and they love their new mum!

The look of happiness on all the faces is  why I breed these wonderful birds.

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Many breeders sell parrots without making clear that, while these birds make fantastic companions, it is through the youngster period they are at their best. When the bird reachs adulthood the problems that come are simple yet can be devistating. 


Humans invented celebacy for humans. We are not able to neuter parrots, so when parrots reach sexual maturity they need to breed.


If the bird has been brought up in a 


in it's cage, or is found a new home. Sadly it is by this time that the birds brain is so messed up that it is no good for breeding.


The point is if you are thinking of getting a parrot for company, then please give a thought to it's future and factor in a partner at some point, well before the bird reaches maturity. You'll get twice as much affection and will have a well rounded and contented Parrot! 



loving caring family without any feathered companions the chances are

this bird most likely thinks it is a human. This is called imprinting.


Sadly this results in parrots getting hormonal, stressed and in some cases aggressive. It can start plucking or even try to mate with a human. It is at this point some members of the family start to find the bird difficult to live with.


It is not long before the poor bird is sent to spend more and more hours