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Totally Wild visited us a few weeks ago

to do a section on the vet students who come to us for their placements, training to look after and care of parrots.

We are in the center part





It is always a pleasure getting lovely emails from happy customers.


Received 20.5.2015

Dear Dail,

Thanks to you and your enthusiastic team of helpers for a great day out.  The aviary walk and parrot show were both interesting and informative and the birds obviously enjoyed performing for us.  Many remarked on the lunch - the fresh sandwiches, the juicy fruit, friendly and helpful service with the tea and coffee, the reasonable price - and all enjoyed in a comfortable outdoor setting.

Regards the residents of Maranatha Retirement Village 
















Follow our  (soon to be ) Garden Arbour to tranquility in our lush forested Island.

Through hard work, and a little thing called love,our passionate team of volunteers have prepared

an adventure for our guests.  























Cross the bridge to Paradise Island, where you will find a growing forest

with wildlife surrounding.

This adventure is suitable for all ages, especially those who want to go for a walk

through a rainforrest,  but cannot walk too far.

Children must have a responsible adult with them,  the dam is deep and has eels.

For the protection of all the lovely plants we have put in we ask that visitors to our Island stay on the paths.

Australia is the land of BIG things like pineapples, prawns ,

and many other things

Parrots In Paradise

have the BIG Parrot "BIG BONNY"

Old News





Ranger Stacey (much loved  and always admired by members of our volunteer  team) was a delight!

The crew, sound man ( who actually never made a sound) and camera man were just a pleasure to work alongside.

Our own team of Volunteers pulled out all the stops, started work at 6.30 and like a well oiled machine everything came together with no stress, and no interuptions for the visitors. We very much look forward to seeing the segment they put to air for us.

We will put it up on th front page  as soon as we know when it will be going to air.




July 12th 2013 - The Great South East came to Parrots in Paradise to do some filming about the sanctuary. We all had a busy day to prepare and keep the birds behaving. All in all everyone had a good time. This was a very pleasant day enjoyed by all.

The Great South East 

March 12th 2013 - Today, T.V. vetenarian Dr. Harry visited exotic bird santuary Parrots in Paradise to film an episode of his show "Better Homes and Gardens." The episode, named "Parrot Whisperer," features the aviary owner Dail Malins showing off some of her intelligent, vivacious and boysterious birds. With a sneak peak of the show and some fasinating facts just a click away, you won't want to miss what Dr. Harry and the parrots have to say. 

Dr. Harry visits Parrots in Paradise
Whoppa radio interview with ABC

July 31th 2012 - Today, Dail was interviewed by ABC radio about her work at Parrots in Paradise. Click on the picture to the left to listen to her words of wisdom. Also Whoppas comments.

Freedom Flight project 2012