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Lucky, Zeena, Whoppa, ChiChi, Beauty, Leaf, Cindy, Curley  and Elvis, a few others are waiting to share your picnic, so get a few friends and family together, make a booking and the parrots will be happy to join you........

Weekendnotes.com have written a lovely article about our sanctuary! Click the link below!





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What’s NEW?

We are done, our beautiful area "The Verandahs" is ready for visitors to come and have


An all new concept where you can come and have lunch in the company of a number of parrots. Some of the parrots will invite themselves to share your lunch. Because of the catering involved, you will need to book in advance.

We are now taking bookings so give us a call on 54387719 and book in! It is filling up fast!

We're not sure who is going to enjoy this more, the visitors or the parrots!