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Advice and Gender Determination


   Dail Malins, with 52 years experience in bird/animal husbandry, is available to give advice to anyone who needs it.

New Baby Advice

We specialize in Eclectus and Alexandrine parrots here, and for anyone that has recently acquired a new baby, we have advice sheets just a click away.

Click the picture (to the left) that corresponds to your parrot. 

You can get a heap of information on either the Alex or Eccie


If you've just collected a baby Eclectus or Alexandrine parrot from Parrots in Paradise, make sure you bookmark this page.


Feel free to call back whenever you need to as Dail is ready to answer any questions you might have.

Dail Malins has written a book that will cover most of the questions asked when thinking of purchasing a new member of your family.

Just send Dail an email and she will give you the details so you can obtain one of her books.

Problem behavior advice


Are you worried about the behaviour your bird is exhibiting?  Perhaps it has been a tame friend and has now turned on you.  Maybe your bird is plucking its feathers, or won't let you go near the cat! Whatever your situation there is a good chance Dail will be able to identify what is going on and help you resolve the problem. 



For advice call

Alexandrine Gender Determination


As it can take up to four years for male Alexandrines to develop the rings that announce they are a boy, it's hard to tell their sex.  You can DNA test, or have your bird examined surgically by a vet.... Or you can just ask Dail. 


Dail will not declare a bird male or female without being 99% certain. In the last decade and a half she has only been uncertain twice!

Gender determination costs $10. Here's what you need:

  • 2 shots of the parrot's head in profile left side


  • 2 shots of the parrot's head in profile right side.


  • 2 shots from a bit of a distance showing full body in profile (either side)


  • 2 shots of your parrot's feet from the front standing on a flat surface.


If you live within close distance of Parrots in Paradise you may make an appointment and bring your Alexandrine for a visit. 


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