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'Talking Parrots' book


Dail is constantly being asked advice, and now she has put together a book titled "Talking Parrots".  This book covers 52 years of experience with birds and if you are looking for a companion parrot it is worth a read. 

Alongside the advice, Dail covers the funny side to these marvellous creatures that she refers to as feathered monkeys. The book, like the show, is both entertaining and informative.

The funds from this book are a small way of helping towards the many rising costs of caring for all these amazing birds.

For the Love of Parrots

By Dail Malins

REVIEW: From Kalinda NSW "I read your book , I love it soooo much! I crack up about the little stories of Whoppa throughout your book, I've told everyone of the prawn/corn story, that's unbelievable! There is sooo much detailed info, it's brilliant! I showed my babies the photo of their mum Jamilla too!!! She is such a beautiful bird!!! "

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