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Aviary Services

Here at Parrots in Paradise we are dedicated to keeping our parrots, and yours, healthy and happy. Whether you're looking for a temporary home for your pet, advice about your parrot, you would like your bird's wings or nails clipped, or looking to buy a bird of your own, you'll find our services here. 



Sometimes we humans need a break and as much as we'd like to take our avian friend along with us, its not always possible. That's why here at Parrots in Paradise we offer boarding for your avian friends. 


Each day, boarders receive fresh feed, a cage cleaning and human attention in a safe and stimulating environment. We love birds here and treat every animal in our care as if it were our own. 



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Just because you own a parrot, doesn't always mean you know what they're trying to tell you. Why is my parrot suddenly getting nasty? What do I need to do you make my pet happy? Does my parrot need a partner? What can I do to make my little friend have a stimulating and interesting life?


Whenever these questions crop up, or any others for that matter, you can check out our advice page. You may find getting one of Dail's books, "For the Love of Parrots" would give you answers you could be looking for.  You can also call Parrots in Paradise 

07 54387719 for an answer from Dail, who has 54 years of experience and very willing to help resolve the problem.


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Parrots for Sale


As a breeding establishment and a safe haven for rescued birds, Parrots in Paradise often have companion birds for sale. We specialize in  Alexandrines and Eclectus parrots.  We are often asked to re-home rescued birds.

In many cases there is a waiting list.

Parrots are highly intelligent and need time and attention from their owner. Please think carefully, and do your research before offering your home to any parrot. 


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wing clip, nail clip.


Wing Clip-it is important that it is done correctly and with as little discomfort to the bird as possible.  A poor wing clip can render the bird damaged. 


Beak trim too MUST be done correctly to prevent profuse bleeding, we can help here also.


Some of us can find the nails of our feathered friend can be way too sharp, so we can clip your birds nails for you, if you like.

We suggest that you get your bird used to an emery board while the family is relaxing, then this service might not be needed.


starts @ $20 per bird




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