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How to help

As a non-profit organisation, we do need to reach out to the generous souls out there for some help! There are two ways that you can contribute to keeping this place afloat - Donation and Volunteering. 




When you or your group visit us, all the money goes towards the survival of our birds, so don't miss out on the opportunity and check out our available times! When you visit, don't forget to check out the bird shop, as all money that's made is for the birds too. 



  • Toys (preferably plastic, NO METAL, small promotional toys from McDonald's go down really well).

  • Fruit (in particular passion fruit, but any kind is great). Seconds are fine. If you have excess fruit, we are not able to use old or "no longer fit for human consumption" (if it is not fit for humans, sadly it is not fit for birds either).

  • Vegetables - again seconds please, not spoiled.

  • Shade cloth - we are always in  need of this.

  • Items such as unused corrugated iron, square metal pipe, laser light type roofing, spare timber, clay or concrete pavers, pretty much anything..



Financial donations are also a great help, or even a bequest.     

Volunteers Wanted

Ph 07 5438 7719
Did you know that we provide Certificates of Progress!


Morning shift start time is 7:00am, usually ending around lunch time.  Feed, water and clean aviaries in a team environment, interact and check health and wellbeing of the parrots. 

Afternoon shift is 2:00-4:00pm and involves picking up and washing fruit bowls and preparing them for the next day.


We require admin staff to answer the phone, take bookings for tours, type correspondence and general office duties.  Some knowledge of computers is preferable. We need to cover 7 days a week, therefore we ideally require 2 volunteers with flexible days and times.


Gardening duties – mowing, edge trimming, weeding, hedge trimming, watering in dry weather and generally keeping everything clean, neat and tidy for the general public to view.


This is a large area and maintenance includes building nest boxes, repairing cages, fixing perches, painting, concreting, cleaning solar panels, sweeping paths, using blower to tidy various areas and attending to general repairs and upkeep.


On the job training given. Tea, coffee are available.  Our Sanctuary is a Centrelink and Work for the Dole approved workplace. Mature persons and retirees are very welcome. Volunteers receive certificates as they progress. These certificates can be used to apply for employment elsewhere. We also offer written references after a suitable period.  After a month, volunteers may bring a family member or friend to a show or for a walk through and meet the parrots.




For Paypal Donations please click here

To Help: Please Email Dail Today!
PH: 07 5438 7719




To all the staff and clients of Avenue Dental at Caloundra:


          BIG THANK YOU!

The most appropriate place to list a link to Dail's

late and much loved father is on this Thanks Page. 

To visit the website telling his story, click the image above. 


For Paypal Donations please click here

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