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We are running a gofundme to get help for Kelele's eye operation. We have been saving frantically and Kelele goes to see his eye specialist in       for his first consult and to discuss the operation on one of his eyes this will be the time we will find out just how much this is going to cost, is

the link to go, to any help will be  great.

As a non-profit organisation, we do need to reach out to the generous souls out there for some help! There are two ways that you can contribute to keeping this place afloat - Donation and Volunteering. 




When you or your group visit us, all the money goes towards the survival of our birds, so don't miss out on the opportunity and check out our available times! When you visit, don't forget to check out the bird shop, as all money that's made is for the birds too. 



  • Toys (preferably plastic, NO METAL, maccas (small) promotional toys go down really well).

  • Fruit (in particular passion fruit, but any kind is great. Seconds are fine. If you have excess fruit, we are not able to use old or "no longer fit for human consumption" (if it is not for for humans, sadly it is not fit for birds either)).

  • Vegetables - again seconds please, not spoiled.

  • Shade cloth - we are always in  need of this.

  • If you have items such as unused, corrugated iron, Square metal pipe, laser light type roofing. Spare timber, clay or concrete pavers pretty much anything..



Financial donations are also a great help, or even a bequest.      Donations to paypal link:



We always welcome any help you can give. We need aviary assistants, gardener, handyman/woman, media people, chefs, reception/telephone,  anyone really. 



We have a great group of volunteers who enjoy helping the birds and without whom these birds would not be here.




To Help




To all the staff and clients of Avenue Dental at Caloundra:


          BIG THANK YOU!

The most appropriate place to list a link to Dail's

late and much loved father is on this Thanks Page. 

To visit the website telling his story, click the image above.