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Below are videos of Whoppa, an Eclectus parrot who's full of fun and sometimes a bit cheeky. Whoppa wants everyone to know who he is. Wait, I don't need to explain. Watch the videos below and you'll get a sneak peak of one of the shows most vivacious chatterboxes. 

Whoppa The Artist!

Whoppa composing & singing his own " Good Night" Song. What a talent!!! We love you! Whoppa believes any parrot can sing a song but not many can compose their own song!

Another video, I can show you how clever I am, I have found I have a tongue, I can compose a song, I can count and understand numbers, colours and so much more.

I have two BIG  bubba boys and they are always hungryI am a great hunter gatherer 'cause I found the seed container!

Old MacDonald

Not only can he talk, Whoopa can sing! Listen his Avian cover of Old Macdonald. 

Whoppa with one of the staff talking about the burk baby.

Whoppa Talks!

From animal noises to counting, Whoopa shows off his speech skills. 

Whoppa's baby is born!

Here you can see how a Parrot hatches. At the end you can hear Whoppa talking to the baby.

Whoppa Doco

Watch a pro doco about Whoppa produced by

Whoppa and his pride over his babies

Leaf taking a Bath

Whoppa's good friend Leaf takes a bath! Actually it is not his first, but it is his first videoed bath.

Another bub arrives

Whoppa at his very best

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Meet Riley, who is our resident pest and devoted campanologist (bell ringer)

Mackaw baby playing it it's back with Dail

Pinga is a lovely little girl who loves to sing and dance

Riley just LOVES bathtime, even with Lucy and Fiona looking on feeling a bit bedraggled themselves from their fun!


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