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To get the very best experience, allow at least two hours for your visit.

You've got to see it to believe it!

The trained Alexandrines have been performing faithfully for  16 years here at Parrots In Paradise, and prior to that we travelled all over for 5 years.

They have happily worked for many bus groups and visitors over the years. In that time we used positive reinforcement, rewarding them with praise and treats after a trick. Our parrots were never punished when they did not perform.

Knowing the birds are having a ball is great fun for the young and old. The birds' ability to solve puzzles and evidence of cognitive thought has to be seen to be believed. 

But time has taken its toll on not only the parrots but also on the humans.

So it was decided to do one final show for a professional videographer in order to capture all of the show in spite of our losing our Lena the Ballerina to a stroke and Kelele out of action due to cataracts. Sadly our lovely Princess was not able to make it through her operation. Mahjani too passed away.

The videographer was able to cobble in the missing performers' tricks thanks to old videos.

So now, when you visit, you get the show in its entirety, nothing is missed.


Kelele had cataracts and it took nearly 3 years to get the funds for his operation. This bird gave faithfully of himself for 20 years, and he will likely live at least the same again, so we believed he deserved to be able to see again.

On Wednesday the 20th July 2022 Kelele was taken to James at Brisbane Animal Eye Services by Alex from Unusual Pet Vets Buderim, (his Anaesthetist ) 

This was a special operation as Kelele's eye was the smallest they'd done, needing special equipment and micro surgery. This was an impressive success!


Kelele came home, back to the happy self of three years ago, instead of the subdued little chap he had become.

He enthusiastically is able to do his tricks again. It  has been well worth the effort on the part of everyone and the cost too, so well worth it to see this happy parrot again.

He has one more problem to have fixed, when he was very tiny his breeder put a stainless steel ring on his leg, and from that moment he has HATED it! 

Alex is the very first vet who has offered to remove it for him all others said it couldn't be done. So in 3 weeks Kelele will finally be free from his dreaded leg band.

Show Sneak Peak video


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Our live show has been converted into a high quality movie. This is so anyone, anytime can enjoy the show.

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