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At Parrots in Paradise, come and enjoy an amazing adventure, you can play with our birds (giving treats in our walk-through aviary, have a Devonshire tea/coffee and scones, watch our exciting show - on video (Some of our darling parrots are too old now to do the shows), but you can still enjoy watching the show as we had a videographer create an adorable video for you to watch. 
Enjoy the following video from our archives.

(ARCHIVES) 2014 - Parrots in Paradise.


Time has taken its toll on not only the parrots but also on the humans.

So it was decided to do one final show for a professional videographer in order to capture all of the show in spite of our losing our Lena the Ballerina to a stroke and Kelele out of action due to cataracts. Sadly our lovely Princess was not able to make it through her operation. Mahjani too passed away.

The videographer was able to cobble in the missing performers' tricks thanks to old videos.

So now when you visit you get the show in its entirety. Nothing is missed.

(Archives) 2014 - A promotional video about the bird show.

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