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One of the many things we do here is take in unwanted, lost or surrendered parrots, some have had miserable lives, some well loved, and some even come in having been hurt in some way.

The first thing we do is to settle the bird and observe the nature and see if the bird is “imprinted” or not. And suitable to go to a new home.

One of our most important functions is to find homes for these birds to be Adopted.  Finding a good home that has to be long lasting is very important as well. We make sure that the new home is planning to adopt long term.

We have been lucky and have found many loving homes so far, and intend to continue.

If you are interested in Adopting one of these lovely intelligent creatures there are several things to consider first.

The bird you intend to adopt needs time and attention from you.

It will need the very best of food. Not food that is no longer suitable for human consumption, but the best.

Clean fresh water as often as possible.

The housing is important too -the larger the better- particularly if the bird will be spending time on its own.

Another good item to have is a play area for the bird, separate to it's cage, as birds don't like to stay permanently where they sleep.

Parrots are no different from a young child and need to be stimulated-constantly, games, books, puzzles, toys that make noise, you need to know you are taking on a 5 year old child for possibly 60 years.
Depending on the species, most NEED to chew and destroy items, as their beak is made up of a material exactly like our nails, and in order to keep the beak trimmed to the correct shape they have to chew.

If the bird you are considering adopting is not “imprinted” then it would be worth considering a second for a companion.

I often get “Ï'm looking for a companion parrot”  but the person asking works, has a family, and hobbies,

so who is the companion for the parrot?

Parrots have to have company and constant stimulation if you are not available, then a second bird is the best answer.

As with all animals for adoption, there is an adoption charge in order to defray costs, this depends on the parrot.

We like you to come up and visit if you are looking for a bird and perhaps make a friend while you are here




If you can help call 07 54387719



It is always difficult to make the hard decision to surrender your parrot and Parrots In Paradise will assist you wherever possible.

If you have made the decision to surrender your parrot because of behavioural issues, we are willing to discuss this with you, in the event that a change in behaviour might change your mind.

If you have thoroughly thought this decision through and, for whatever reason, feel that it is in the best interests of the bird to be rehomed, we will do our best to help you.

Parrots In Paradise is a not for profit organisation. We receive no financial help from the government, or any other source, so we are on our own to do our best to fund the care, food and vet costs of the birds in our sanctuary in a variety of ways. Feeding the birds is our biggest expense.

Unfortunately, as a result of the COVID-19 nearly all of our previous means of raising funds are now no longer available to us, coupled by the rising costs of the food. Making it a problem, and resulting in being unable to take in birds as we used to.

We would prefer that you continue to care for your bird/s until a new home is found. In the event this is not possible and we are required to undertake to house and care for your bird/s we will need you to provide funds to pay for the food and possible veterinary care including the time and attention involved in finding a new home for the bird/s. If required, we will keep you up to date with our rehoming efforts.

We will require an initial payment of $60 per bird on surrender, with the understanding, and agreement, that should we be unable to be rehome it, further financial assistance may be required.

All birds surrendered require a current health certificate from an avian vet.