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Let the show begin

Watch two excellent videos to find out more about the bird show, what to expect on your tour of the Sanctuary and the activities we do here. Go>

Whoppa, an Eclectus parrot who's full of fun and sometimes a bit cheeky. Whoppa wants everyone to know who he is! He is a big star here at the Sanctuary.

Watch the videos of him counting, singing his own song and much more, plus a few bonus videos of his mates. Go>

6 Baby Macaw.jpg

The story of baby Jo, our first Macaw baby. We waited seven years for the mum and dad to have this lovely baby. Go>

Princess's story and video

Princess joined our family in 2002 she made the seventh member of the Alexandrine team at that time.

It was quickly apparent that she was “imprinted” this means she would have no interest in other birds and wanted to bond with a human. She quickly favored me, and she needed a name change to Princess, mostly because it had to be her way or no way.

It was at this time I started to train the Alexandrines to see how much they were willing to learn. Daily they amazed me with their love of learning and how they would show total interest in their lessons.

Over time we developed a little show, each bird showing off their special skills, sometimes in groups or singly.

Princess blossomed she loved to dress up, she wanted to be in almost each act. She really enjoyed the merry-go-round.

She was a Lieutenant in the army, putting the troupes through the assault course with her Sargent. Her Sargent and her would enjoy a drink in the mess together.

Her floral art items were a picture.

Princess also was a gymnast with dreams of representing Australia in the Olympics some day.

Her modeling career was one of her highlights because she loved to show off her fluffy shoulders that we would colour blue and she would sit happily getting her nails painted, ( we never told her the varnish was actually made for dogs) she had some very special gowns she loved, and wouldn’t share them with any of the other models.

All the team that eventually were 12 members enjoyed the Fire fighters part, rushing to get to the buildings, some like Princess on the Fire Engines and the tight rope to get everyone to safety, then to swoop down on the flying fox in the grand finale.

Apart from the show Princess while she did not have a partner was very involved in rearing babies, she helped when they needed rearing, she helped to show them how to feed themselves. While she was mostly keen on the Alexandrine babies, she would also help out with Indian Ring Necks and Eclectus and one of the Baby Macaws.

Princess never had a cage, she had a stand and her very special PINK nest box with her name on the top, and a pink feather boa around it      ( Till it fell apart) for 20 years she shared my bedroom and not once did she ever go to the toilet in the house, always waiting to go outside to go to the toilet.  While she didn’t really talk she did wolf whistle and had the sweetest “Hello”.
She was devoted to me and scared most of the staff , she was bossy.

Princess passed away on the operating table 14th Feb 2022 she will be terribly missed by myself and the rest of the team at Parrots in Paradise.


  • Dail Malins.

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