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Thank you for Donating

We would like to thank you so much for your Donation!

Here at Parrots in Paradise we are proud to say that we care for our parrots with love, understanding and respect.

We care about the health of our parrots. As we are a parrot surrender facility, many of our rescues are abused birds and need access to a vet immediately - we rely on donations, sales from our shop, and sales from our babies bred onsite, to cover these costs.

We make sure our parrots' food is healthy and we supply them daily with sprouted seed, fresh fruit and vegetables:  Our motto is: If you won't eat it, don't feed it to our birds. Our parrots also have mixed seed, pellets and nuts daily.  

Come and visit us here at Parrots in Paradise and see for yourself where your donation is being put to use!

Bookings are essential - Phone 07 - 5438-7719

Address: 2 Barrs Road, Glass House Mountains, Queensland, Australia

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